Meet your new, sleeker supply chain.

Revolutionise your supply chain with one simple integration, Parcelninja Optimise. Compare courier prices, view all delivery statuses, report on SLA's and obtain real-time billing. All in one place.

One integration that achieves maximum supply chain efficiency.

Last mile delivery can be challenging and that’s where we plug in. ParcelNinja Optimise is an innovative shipping system that streamlines your delivery process and makes choosing the right delivery partner for each job a breeze.

Full Visibility Of All Order Statuses

Make the right choices based on the right information. Track events from multiple couriers, all in a single, easy to understand system.

Automated Waybill Printing

Simplify your logistics with our automated waybill printing process. Our automated courier selection has automated waybill printing to make things even easier.

Multi Courier Selection

Select the best courier for the job. Choose specialist couriers for specific products or decide what’s important for your customers: Speed, cost or convenience.

Automated Customer Communications

Reduce call centre costs through automated event-based notifications.

Courier Billing Automation

Save on billing while understanding the true ROI on every parcel delivered with our automated billing reporting.

Full API Integrations

Parcelninja Optimise is a tech-first platform, enabling developers and large organisations to integrate simply and easily through a single interface.


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

All your order information on one simple screen

A single screen provides complete visibility of your order, no matter which courier delivered your parcel, making it easy to understand where your orders are, costs, and any courier SLA's. Which means you can reduce call centre queries by identifying problematic orders in real-time and acting before they become bigger problems.

Dashboard and reporting, with data extracts

Our dashboarding provides an executive level overview on logistics performance, providing insights on key performance metrics which makes it easy to hold all parties in the supply chain accountable.

Real-time courier price comparison

Never over-pay for a service again. Instantly compare the prices of different couriers and get the right delivery partner for the job, every job.

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Number of waybills tracked


Courier events tracked


Rands saved for our customers

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to move products to your warehouse?

No need to move your products from your warehouse. Simply use ParcelNInja optimize to optimize your last-mile couriers, print a waybill, and send an order from your existing facility.

Q. Is this an enterprise solution?

Parcelninja Optimise is designed to be enterprise ready, through our API, and integration abilities. All data is available through our API’s, which contain extensive documentation here.

Q. Is there customer support?

Full email support is provided through our support desk. Any questions relating to deliveries, documentation, system or integration can be handled through our helpdesk.

Q. How many couriers do you integrate with?

We are currently expanding our offering, with current integration support for five couriers, with more in development.

Q. Am I too small for this solution?

Our packages include support for basic requirements and small users of the system. Even if you are doing less than 10 orders a day, our self-service platform will be perfect for your needs.

Q. How difficult is integration?

Support for Shopify and Magento is already available, with additional integrations being available through our API partners. If you need a custom solution, please contact us.

Q. Is my data secure?

Keeping your data safe and private is of utmost concern to us. We've utilized a range of security and encryption techniques to ensure that your data is secure.

Q. Do I need to sign a long-term contract?

No, simply sign up today and begin transacting in a matter of minutes.

If you have additional questions or need any help

Our Pricing

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Number of couriers: 5

User accounts: 5

Shopify Integration: Yes

Shopify POS Integration: Yes

Uber Integration: Yes

Automated waybill printing: Yes

Ideal for > 300 orders per month

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